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I am a writer and a Professor of Cultural History at the University of Kent. I have published fiction, journalism, and academic works. I love writing. I  believe that we all have so much to learn from history and other cultures. All my life, I have also been deeply interested in psychology and how we can become better versions of ourselves. It is for that reason that I also trained as a coach. I am really passionate about helping others better to understand themselves and to take positive action. By writing a book on the long history of self-improvement, I have finally found a way of merging my greatest passions. 


In Self-Improvement: A History, I share with you ten timeless truths about the art of self-improvement that stay the same across time and space. They were as relevant two thousand years ago as they are now. Time-honed and tested, these simple but profound truths appear again and again in the literature of self-improvement, simply putting on new costumes. I explore these insights on self-improvement in detail in my new book. They are also at the heart of my coaching practice.