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I write about burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion, mid-life crises, coaching, self-improvement and personal development for a number of publications. They include Psychology Today, PositivePsychology, Aeon, Psyche, and the TLS. In my blogs and essays, I am keen to emphasize how wider cultural and historical factors contribute to and shape our personal challenges.


"Thank you so much for all your help. I have met you when I was in a really dark place, and you helped me to see the light again, to climb out of the hole, and to plan the next chapter of my life with hope, vision, and confidence."

Professional Athlete

“Having engaged other coaches over the course of my career, I was delighted to be introduced to Anna whose masterful facilitation is nothing short of revelatory. Through patient and diligent probing, Anna was able to ‘unlock’ in me several ‘hurdles’ with which I had unconsciously been grappling. Her careful steering of conversations during our fortnightly sessions enabled me to bring a significant amount of clarity and coherence to my professional trajectory and environment. I would recommend Anna’s coaching and methodology to anyone.”

Senior Manager, Deloitte

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