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“Working with Anna has been an extremely positive and potentially life changing experience for me. I came to Anna as I had been struggling with chronic fatigue, depression and low self-esteem which had all become quite toxic and debilitating. My 'inner critic' was also running riot and having a severe impact on my creative practice and other aspects of my life. Anna has done an amazing job in helping me to identify and understand the underlying issues so that I can find practical ways to cope better and bring about far more positive outcomes. I'm now far better at spotting the difficulties and finding ways to deal with them, even if that simply means accepting them and focusing energies in a different way. Anna has enabled me to manage my 'inner critic' in far better and constructive ways and this has been a significant step for me, particularly in relation to me creative practice. This has far exceeded my expectations and I can't thank Anna enough for her remarkable work in helping me to reach this point.”


“Having engaged other coaches over the course of my career, I was delighted to be introduced to Anna whose masterful facilitation is nothing short of revelatory. Through patient and diligent probing, Anna was able to ‘unlock’ in me several ‘hurdles’ with which I had unconsciously been grappling. Her careful steering of conversations during our fortnightly sessions enabled me to bring a significant amount of clarity and coherence to my professional trajectory and environment. I would recommend Anna’s coaching and methodology to anyone.”

Senior Manager, Deloitte

“I’ve only had 3 sessions with Anna and I can confidently say that the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced have had an impact on my life. The best way to describe it: It feels to me like steering a big ship, where making a 1 degree change (small changes in perspective, choices or just becoming aware of the “inner critic”) will make a massive change in where my new destination will be in the long run.”

Senior Team Leader, GlaxoSmithKline


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