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Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your life?

Are you chronically exhausted? Does your mind feels like ash, does everything seem heavy and are you struggling with gravity's downward pull? Are you neither able to work nor to rest, languishing in a grey zone in between?

You may be 'burning on' - and still be functioning at work, just so, dragging yourself in regardless of how shattered you are feeling inside. It may cost you an incredible amount of energy just to keep going, and you are worried that you can’t keep it up. You might have quietly quit a long time ago and are in inner exile, just counting down the minutes, hours, and days. Or your body might have said no and forced you to stop working altogether.

You are not alone!

If this describes you, please know that you are not alone. And that change is possible. Exhaustion threatens the very core of our being. If we feel lacking in energy, strength and time, we switch into a zombie-like survival mode. Living in a state of chronic stress, we become ever more alienated from our emotions, desires, family and friends.

How coaching can help 

We lose sight of what really matters to us and what makes us happy. We tend to run in reserve mode rather than at the level of our full potential. Because we feel we have no energy to spend, we cut ever more activities from our lives, including the ones that give us energy. This creates a vicious circle.


I can help you to drag yourself out of the wasteland of your exhaustion, take control of your life, regain your vitality, and reconnect with your purpose. Are you ready to take action? 


I offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly 1-hour coaching sessions via Zoom.

I generally recommend a minimum of 5 sessions.



Exploration Call


I offer free 30-minute exploration calls so that we can find out together if I am the right person to help you.


Coaching Session

Curious about coaching? You can register your interest for booking a full 1-hour coaching session with me here.

1-Hour Coaching Session + INSIGHTS Discovery Profile

Book a powerful 24-page preference report and a 1-hour debrief coaching session here.

Who benefits from coaching?

I work with clients from all walks of life, ranging from change agents who want to make the world a better place to high-powered CEOs, leaders of teams and organizations and to fellow writers, academics, researchers and creatives, lawyers and soldiers, founders and philosophers. I feel particular kinship with seekers of deeper self-knowledge, highly rational people, the overly humble and introverts who struggle with unproductive core-beliefs and negative self-talk.

Burnout Coaching Programme

10 1-hour coaching sessions.You can find more detail on this programme here


Burnout Coaching Programme + Insights Discovery Journey

10 1-hour coaching sessions plus an Insights Discovery Profile (a powerful and highly accurate and actionable psychometric tool based on Jung’s personality type theory), which we will use as the starting point for our coaching journey.


Deep-Dive Discovery Journey

10 1-hour coaching sessions plus an Insights Discovery Profile (a powerful and highly accurate and actionable psychometric tool based on Jung's personality type theory), which we will use as the starting point for our coaching journey. In addition, we will explore your key archetypes and work on transforming your self-story.



The type of coaching I do

I combine state-of-the-art and evidence-based coaching techniques (especially ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) – proven to be particularly helpful with burnout, as well as co-active frameworks) with tried-and-tested ancient wisdom. My focus is on deepening your self-knowledge, as well as helping you clarify your values, preferences and character strengths, and identifying your core inner and outer stressors. I also integrate ancient Stoic techniques, with a focus on the circle of control, and the Eastern arts of letting go and cultivating present-moment awareness. For new is not always better. Sometimes, it is the ancient models that hold the key to our present-day exhaustion.

Using these mixed tools, old and new, I show you how to lessen the impact of your inner critics, how to let go of toxic self-stories and broader cultural narratives about work and time that do not serve us, and how you can reconnect with your true needs and longings.

I am currently training to be a clinical hypnotherapist. Studying at the award-winning ICCHP in London, I am working towards my Diploma in Integrative Evidence Based Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Body Health Practice (PDHyp) (anticipated completion date autumn 2024). I will soon be able to offer hypnotherapy sessions in addition to my coaching, and to add deep relaxation and trance state techniques to my coaching repertoire.



"After just one session with Anna, my wife said, 'Wow, I have not seen you like this for years. Whatever Anna does must be working!'"

Rugby Coach

“I had the pleasure of working with Anna during six coaching sessions. While I knew I needed to have some accountability for the new direction I wanted to take, I didn't expect to feel supported and guided to better listen to my body. It was eye-opening to share how I felt while implementing new positive changes in my life, but mostly to feel it in my body. Anna's constant mirroring of my thought process helped me better anchor my new rhythms. I needed a (w)holistic implementation of changes, and Anna has helped do that in a very effective way. I would highly recommend Anna for coaching, especially if you are a woman who needs a new healthy, and balanced direction in life.”

Science Educator

“Working with Anna has been an extremely positive and potentially life changing experience for me. I came to Anna as I had been struggling with chronic fatigue, depression and low self-esteem which had all become quite toxic and debilitating. My 'inner critic' was also running riot and having a severe impact on my creative practice and other aspects of my life. Anna has done an amazing job in helping me to identify and understand the underlying issues so that I can find practical ways to cope better and bring about far more positive outcomes. I'm now far better at spotting the difficulties and finding ways to deal with them, even if that simply means accepting them and focusing energies in a different way. Anna has enabled me to manage my 'inner critic' in far better and constructive ways and this has been a significant step for me, particularly in relation to me creative practice. This has far exceeded my expectations and I can't thank Anna enough for her remarkable work in helping me to reach this point.”


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