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I help you overcome exhaustion and burnout

My offer

I coach the exhausted, helping you better to understand and to manage both the internal and external causes of your stress. Via Zoom, I help you to refocus your attention on what really matters so that you can stop wasting your energies in non-productive internal and external battles and achieve a wonderful work-life balance.


Your current state

Do you live to work, rather than work to live? Do you feel stressed, overstretched, tired all the time, at the brink of or already in a state of burnout? Do you feel disengaged and demotivated? Do you constantly question yourself and your accomplishments? Does your inner noise keep you from showing up as you would like to, preventing you from achieving your goals? 


Your desired state

Do you want to feel in control of your time and energy and achieve a more joyful and liveable work-life balance? Do you want to quiet your inner critic and feel more at peace with yourself, and truly understand your strengths and weaknesses and your unique challenges? Do you want to stop wasting your energies in inner-psychological battles, or in external ones that get you nowhere, and find ways to direct your focus outwards, towards the people you love and the projects you are passionate about?


I would love to be the guide who accompanies you on your transformation journey.


What are the causes of exhaustion and burnout?

The causes of exhaustion and burnout are manifold. We may work in high-pressure or even toxic work environments. We may be stuck in jobs in which we cannot draw on and develop our strengths. We may be introverts by temperament and forced constantly to small talk and socialize. We may find it difficult to uphold the boundaries between work and leisure time. We may struggle to balance our caring, family and work duties.


Or we may acutely feel the pressure of the Protestant work ethic that still defines our culture’s basic attitude to work – the constant imperative to perform and be productive and give our all, and more, to our jobs. Last but not least, there is the wider cultural climate, and the many concerning challenges we collectively face in the twenty-first century – above all climate change, but also pandemics, loneliness, political polarisation, tech addiction and economic and political instability. We are living in very unsettling times.


Exhaustion can also be caused by inner factors. They include inner noise, unkind self-talk, a lack of self-compassion, and a tendency to view ourselves overly critical. We may even waste many of our energies in endlessly looping internal battles and be our own worst enemy –  the tiger to our gazelle. 

Five Steps towards Vitality

In my sessions I take you through a five-step programme. We work on:

  • Deepening your self-knowledge (including your natural preferences, values and character strengths).

  • Understanding which of your stressors are in your control and which are not, and to focus your energy on what you can control.

  • Letting go of unhelpful beliefs and adopt a more compassionate and caring self-story.

  • Minimizing internal noise and maximizing your ability to direct your energy towards the things that really matter to you.

  • Taking positive action towards achieving your goals.

Work with me

I offer weekly, bi-weekly and fortnightly 1-hour coaching sessions via Zoom.

My sessions cost £80, £110 or £150 per hour. I ask you to choose the rate you are able and happy to pay. Those who can pay more sponsor those who pay less. I recommend a minimum of 5 sessions.

You can find out more about my coaching approach here.

If you would like to work with me, please fill out my short pre-coaching questionnaire. If I think I am the right person to help you we will schedule a 20-minute discovery call. 

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Are you ready to take action?

Please fill out the pre-coaching questionnaire.




“I’ve only had 3 sessions with Anna and I can confidently say that the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced have had an impact on my life. The best way to describe it:  It feels to me like steering a big ship, where making a 1 degree change (small changes in perspective, choices or just becoming aware of the “inner critic”) will make a massive change in where my new destination will be in the long run.”

                                                                    Senior Team Leader, GlaxoSmithKline 


“Having engaged other coaches over the course of my career, I was delighted to be introduced to Anna whose masterful facilitation is nothing short of revelatory. Through patient and diligent probing, Anna was able to ‘unlock’ in me several ‘hurdles’ with which I had unconsciously been grappling. Her careful steering of conversations during our fortnightly sessions enabled me to bring a significant amount of clarity and coherence to my professional trajectory and environment. I would recommend Anna’s coaching and methodology to anyone.”


                                                                     Senior Manager, Deloitte 

"I really enjoyed my sessions with Anna. She is a wonderful coach and human being - kind, considerate and gentle. Anna and I had some very deep conversations on a number of topics. She helped keep me grounded, remember the aim of my journey and guided me softly through it. I've left with a sense of calmness but also determination to carry on with this journey. I'll always remember my sessions with Anna with fondness and take her words with me as a further guide." 

Global Planning Executive, GlaxoSmithKline

"Anna’s coaching sessions helped me identify challenges within and beyond my control. It provided an opportunity to think through coping mechanisms I’ve tried, failed, excelled at, and my role in each scenario. I was able to recognise existing internal resources and develop new ones to sustain a high level of resilience in my environment. I found reason to be optimistic at the bleakest experiences and embrace change however big or sudden. I have come out the other side understanding that my environment (people inclusive) may not change but I can focus on what should, my perspectives, decisions and response. I consider this a valuable outcome for the workplace and life in general."

HR Manager