Tomb of Ramose

The Art of Self Improvement


I can help you to gain clarity about your unique gifts, challenges, and your purpose. This is the first step. The second is to help you take positive action in your life. Often, we know at a cognitive level what we should be doing to improve our lives. We may know very well which of our habits are harmful. We may even know how our self-sabotaging beliefs that keep holding us back came into being. We might be so self-aware that we recognize them in action when they do their bad work. 


But more often than not, our self-knowledge does not translate into action. Mostly, it remains impotent and abstract, and it might even contribute to our distress when the gap between what we know and what we do becomes too great. In order for us to change how we think, perceive, and act in a deep and sustainable way, we need to transform such knowledge into lived experience. Something our body knows, a kind of wisdom that does not just live in our heads. A truly revolutionary change of perspective that impacts on the deep structure of our cognitions and feelings.


I am accredited as an mBIT coach, and I have further training in ACT and Co-Active coaching. I blend these insights and techniques with my own model of the ten timeless truths about self-improvement. I recommend a six- or ten-session coaching package. On our coaching journey, we work out which of the ten ancient self-improvement techniques I discuss in my book are most relevant for you and how they can change your life. Together, we enhance your self-awareness, build your confidence, identify your core gifts and challenges and agree on actions you will take. We reflect deeply on your core values and your purpose, and how you can live a more value- and purpose-led life.

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“I’ve only had 3 sessions with Anna and I can confidently say that the personal and professional growth I’ve experienced have had an impact on my life. The best way to describe it:  It feels to me like steering a big ship, where making a 1 degree change (small changes in perspective, choices or just becoming aware of the “inner critic”) will make a massive change in where my new destination will be in the long run.”

                                                                    Senior Team Leader, GlaxoSmithKline 


“Having engaged other coaches over the course of my career, I was delighted to be introduced to Anna whose masterful facilitation is nothing short of revelatory. Through patient and diligent probing, Anna was able to ‘unlock’ in me several ‘hurdles’ with which I had unconsciously been grappling. Her careful steering of conversations during our fortnightly sessions enabled me to bring a significant amount of clarity and coherence to my professional trajectory and environment. I would recommend Anna’s coaching and methodology to anyone.”


                                                                     Senior Manager, Deloitte 

I really enjoyed my sessions with Anna. She is a wonderful coach and human being - kind, considerate and gentle. Anna and I had some very deep conversations on a number of topics. She helped keep me grounded, remember the aim of my journey and guided me softly through it. I've left with a sense of calmness but also determination to carry on with this journey. I'll always remember my sessions with Anna with fondness and take her words with me as a further guide. 

Global Planning Executive, GlaxoSmithKline