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My 10-session burnout and exhaustion coaching programme is based on a combination of the latest evidence-based coaching interventions and ancient wisdom. I have helped numerous clients to regain their energy and vigour, to re-establish balance in their lives, to manage their inner critics, and to take courageous actions towards their most important goals.

My programme is based on Seven Pillars:

1. Deepening your Self-Knowledge 

We can only improve ourselves if we know what our preferences, patterns, values, and character strengths are. How have your experiences shaped you, how do they continue to shape you, and what would you like to change? 

I recommend starting our coaching journey with an Insights profile – a powerfully eye-opening and accurate psychometric analysis of your personality preferences. 

2. Identifying Core Stressors

The second step on your journey towards vitality is to identify and understand your personal core stressors. What are the external circumstances that contribute to your chronic sense of exhaustion? And what are the inner stressors that make things worse for you? 

3. Circle of Control

Next, we use a Stoic technique to assess carefully which of these stressors are in your control and which ones are not. This matters, because when we are exhausted, we have limited energy to spend, and we need to spend this energy wisely – in the areas of your life where it can make a difference.

4. Minimizing Internal Noise

Whilst toxic working environments tend to be the number one burnout generator, we can also be our own bad bosses. Negative self-talk and overactive inner critics can drain us from the inside, making things much worse. Understanding your self-talk patterns will help you manage them more effectively.

5. Letting Go of Unhelpful Self-Stories

We all tell ourselves stories about ourselves all the time. Some of these stories are helpful, others are not. We will look at your self-story together and fix what needs fixing.

6. Value-led Action Planning

At this point in our coaching journey, you will be ready to take action. What do you want to say yes to, and what do you want to say no to? Which first step can you take today? What are your long-term goals and how can you start moving towards them?

7. Cementing Good Habits

In our final session, we establish strategies for turning your insights and new behaviours into a solid framework of powerful habits that stick.

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