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Beat burnout, conquer overwhelm, and rediscover your purpose

Are you constantly battling fatigue and finding yourself exhausted most of the time? Do you live to work rather than work to live? Do your to-do lists fill you with dread? Are you at a crossroads in midlife, wondering about your true passion and purpose?  Perhaps you find yourself regularly questioning your accomplishments and skills, adding the unhelpful noise of an overactive inner critic to your outer stressors?

Let’s break the cycle together

If you find yourself in a perpetual cycle of questioning yourself and your capacity to cope, it's time for a change. I specialize in helping people who are wrestling with inner or outer stressors to reclaim a sense of balance in their work and life. I combine state-of-the-art evidence-based coaching methods (in particular, co-active coaching and ACT) with ancient wisdom and systemic approaches. I also offer hypnotherapy.


If any of these resonate with you, I'm here to support your journey. Let's work together to achieve a better work-life balance and reignite the flame of passion and purpose in your life.

The Book

Exhausted Book

This liberating, enlightening guide to exhaustion in all its forms will help you find the energy to beat burnout and weariness.

The Free Guide


Download this FREE GUIDE to

Overcome Burnout and Overwhelm: 7 Steps Towards Thriving.

Coaching & Hypnotherapy


If you’re ready to reconnect & take charge of your life, learn about how we can work together on a one-to-one basis here


"Working with Anna has been an incredible experience. Anna’s wisdom and guidance have helped me understand the burnout I experienced and how I want to show up in the world, my life, and my career. Anna’s insights and thoughtful questions helped me to make peace with decisions of the past and gain clarity on what I want to feel and experience in the present & beyond. I am grateful for Anna’s support to help me thrive and dance through the chaos."

Project Management and Marketing Consultant

"Anna was of fantastic support during my difficulties with burnout. The transition from professional sport to the corporate world was a huge change for me. When you are going through one of the more challenging periods in your life, I couldn’t think of a better coach to guide you through than Anna. Anna is extremely kind, compassionate, intuitive and knowledgeable. During our time working together, we identified the root causes of my issues with exhaustion and the best ways in which I could begin to recover. Six months on and I am armed with a much greater understanding of self and feelings of revitalisation and enthusiasm, I haven’t had in a number of years. It’s been a pleasure to work together, and I would highly recommend Anna."

Professional Athlete

“Anna’s coaching sessions helped me identify challenges within and beyond my control. It provided an opportunity to think through coping mechanisms I’ve tried, failed, excelled at, and my role in each scenario. I was able to recognise existing internal resources and develop new ones to sustain a high level of resilience in my environment. I found reason to be optimistic at the bleakest experiences and embrace change however big or sudden. I have come out the other side understanding that my environment (people inclusive) may not change but I can focus on what should, my perspectives, decisions and response. I consider this a valuable outcome for the workplace and life in general.”

HR Manager


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